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Alternative College Housing Options for When Campus Residence Halls are Closed

Finding an Alternative Place to Go Can Be Done with a Little Work


Most campuses close their residence halls over major breaks (such as a winter break) and over the summer months. For students who can't -- or don't want -- to go home, finding housing can be a bit of a challenge.

Alternative Housing Options for When the Residence Halls Close On Campus

House sit for a friend. Chances are, someone you know (or someone a friend of yours knows) is going to be on vacation. Do they need a house sitter? Someone to get their mail, water the plants, feed the pets, and make the house look lived in? If so, let them know how happy you'd be to help.

House sit for a professor. Quite a few professors go on sabbatical, leave for research, or are otherwise out of their homes for extended periods of time when the campus is on break. See if they need someone to watch over their place while they're away.

Check with Greek houses, especially over the summer. Some Greek houses are open during the summer but are short on residents. Check to see if they are open to having someone not from their house stay there for a short period.

Check with the campus Residence Life office. People in the surrounding community probably need house sitters or other types of folks who can watch over their place. You might be surprised at what your options are.

Check with friends who need to sub-lease. You don't want a 12-month lease, and your friend doesn't want to lose his or her apartment. Offer to lease the place for however long you need it and you both can walk away happy.

Work at a place that provides housing. Summer camps and retreat locations are always looking for workers. You can often get free housing while making some extra cash and learning something new.

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