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Heading to College? Find the Ultimate To-Do List

Overwhelmed with everything you need to do before heading to college? Familiarizing yourself with the tasks on this list can help make the process easier.

More Tips for Starting a New Semester
College Life Spotlight10

How to Prioritize in College

Learn how to prioritize in college so that you can control your to-do list -- instead of having your to-do list control you.

5 Things to Know Before Living with a Friend in College

Think living with a friend will make your roommate situation easier? Think again. Check out this list of 5 things to know before living with a friend in college.

What to Do If Your Roommate Is Sick

College roommates often share everything from snacks to space. You don't, however, want to share germs. Learn 7 things to do if your roommate is sick.

5 Things Not to Talk to Your Professor About

Talking to professors can be intimidating; you want to connect but not overstep. Learn 5 things not to talk to your professor about.

6 Signs of a Good College Study Group

Thinking of joining a study group but not sure if the group is a strong one that's worth the time? Find 6 signs of a good college study group.

5 Smart Study Group Breaks

Even the best college study group needs to take a break. Find 5 smart study group breaks to keep everyone focused and productive.

5 Bad Places for Study Groups to Meet

Not sure where your college study group should meet? Make sure to avoid these 5 places.

10 Places for Study Group Meetings

Think the undergrad. library and coffee shops are the only smart places for college study groups to meet? Think again.

How to Be a Good Study Group Member

Knowing how to be a good study group member is trickier than it seems. Following these simple 5 rules, however, can make all the difference.

10 College Mistakes to Avoid

Worried about doing something wrong in college? Check out this list of 10 college mistakes to avoid -- no matter who you are.

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