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Heading to College? Find the Ultimate To-Do List

Overwhelmed with everything you need to do before heading to college? Familiarizing yourself with the tasks on this list can help make the process easier.

More Tips for Starting a New Semester
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5 Challenges of Living with a Friend in College

With so many other unknowns, it's no wonder that students want to live with friends. But what are the challenges of living with a friend in college?

5 Benefits of Living with a Friend in College

The idea of living with an unknown roommate fills many students with understandable dread. Find 5 benefits of living with a friend in college.

How to Get Fewer Parking Tickets in College

Despite your best intentions, you keep finding that dreaded piece of paper on your windshield. Learn how to reduce getting parking tickets in college.

What to Do with Extra Meal Plan Money

Need ideas about what to do with extra meal plan money in college? Find out how to get creative if you can't get a refund.

How to Prioritize in College

Learn how to prioritize in college so that you can control your to-do list -- instead of having your to-do list control you.

5 Things to Know Before Living with a Friend in College

Think living with a friend will make your roommate situation easier? Think again. Check out this list of 5 things to know before living with a friend in college.

What to Do If Your Roommate Is Sick

College roommates often share everything from snacks to space. You don't, however, want to share germs. Learn 7 things to do if your roommate is sick.

5 Things Not to Talk to Your Professor About

Talking to professors can be intimidating; you want to connect but not overstep. Learn 5 things not to talk to your professor about.

6 Signs of a Good College Study Group

Thinking of joining a study group but not sure if the group is a strong one that's worth the time? Find 6 signs of a good college study group.

5 Smart Study Group Breaks

Even the best college study group needs to take a break. Find 5 smart study group breaks to keep everyone focused and productive.

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