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5 Cheap College Date Ideas

Having a Nice Time Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune


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Exciting news: you have a date coming up. It may be with someone you've had your eye on for a long time, or just someone who has piqued your interest. Fortunately, having a good time doesn't have to correlate to spending a lot of money. (You have a budget to stick to, after all!) Check out these 5 cheap college date ideas for a fun time that won't break the bank.

1. Head to a small, family-owned restaurant instead of a large chain. Ask around campus to see if people know of smaller, delicious, and often cheaper places than some of the larger chain restaurants in town. The dinner will most likely be quieter, more intimate, and much more friendly.

2. Find something fun (and free) in the community. Is there a poetry slam this weekend? A reading by an author you both like? A band performing in a park? Check to see what's available that won't cost much and will allow you to get to know each other better while enjoying something new and fun.

3. Do something outside. Buy sandwiches at a local deli, go for a hike, and have a picnic somewhere nice.

4. Visit a cultural center. Many museums, art galleries, cultural centers, and libraries have reduced (if not free) admission for college students. Go see an exhibit and enjoy the time off campus.

5. Meet for coffee or a drink instead of dinner. Getting together doesn't have to mean having a huge (and often expensive) meal. Meet for coffee in the afternoon or drinks in the evening. You can have an equally nice time without having to spend as much money.

(No matter what your dating plans are, though, make sure you stay safe while out.)

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