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Tips on having a healthy, safe, and fun dating life while a college student.
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Long-Distance Gifts
Long-distance relationships present all kinds of obstacles, including the challenge of sending gifts for holidays, birthdays, and Valentine's Day. Find a list of 6 great ideas of long-distance gifts.

5 Places to Go for a College Romantic Getaway
Want to take your boyfriend or girlfriend on a romantic getaway in college? Find 5 unique places to go that won't blow your college budget but that can still be a fun and romantic escape.

5 Inexpensive Date Ideas for College Students
Date? Yes. Money? No. Find five cheap date ideas to make sure you have a good time without blowing your budget.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Your College Girlfriend or Boyfriend
Need a gift for your college student girlfriend or boyfriend? Find 10 great gift ideas that will work and that meet most college students' budget requirements: inexpensive.

The Thanksgiving Dump
The "Thanksgiving Dump" is more common than one might think for college students: it's what happens when many first-year students head home, over Thanksgiving, and break up with their high-school boyfriend or girlfriend. Learn how to handle being Thanksgiving Dumped in college and what to do afterward.

5 Ways to Let Your College Crush Know You Like Them
Have a crush that you think likes you back? Ready to take that (horrifying) step of sending a signal that you're definitely interested? Try these 5 tips to let your feelings be known without overwhelming your crush -- or humiliating yourself.

5 Ways to Tell if a Potential Love Interest Likes You in College
Not sure if that person you've had your eye on is interested in being more than friends? Check out these 5 ways to better gauge their interest in moving from friends to something more.

How to Handle Long-Distance Relationships While in College
Being at school can simultaneously be incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. It's hard to share those highs and lows, though, with a partner who's far away. Get information on how to stay in touch despite your crazy schedules and still feel connected despite the distance.

5 Romantic Gestures for a Long-Distance Relationship
Being in a long-distance relationship in college can be quite a challenge. Find 5 ways to let your girlfriend or boyfriend know you're thinking of them -- despite the distance.

10 Easy Ways to Meet People in College
Going somewhere, by yourself, where you may or may not know a single person, just might be the bravest thing you've ever done. With so many ways to meet people, though, finding connections is easier than you may think.

College Dating: 10 Tips for Dating Safely
With all of the new people you meet in college, dating can be one of the most exciting parts of your time at school. Learn ten easy ways to make sure you're dating safely.

Dating Violence: What You Need to Know
Dating in college is supposed to be fun and exciting. When it proves otherwise, however, learn what you can do to help yourself or a friend.

10 Fun Date Ideas
Coming up with fun date ideas can be a challenge for anyone. Find a list of 10 ideas for fun dates that will work in nearly any situation.

Can a Student Date a Professor?
Your tempted to explore dating a professor during your time in college. But is it a good idea?

Where to Get Condoms in College
Getting condoms in college is a lot easier than you might think -- if you know where to go.

Partner Gifts that Are More Than Just Flowers
Want to give your partner more than flowers? Find ideas for ideas that are more personalized and meaningful, specifically for college students.

Why Long-Distance Relationships Are Good
Everyone knows that college long-distance relationships are challenging. But might they also be good for you during your time in school?

Why Long-Distance Relationships Are Hard
Everyone is telling you that long-distance relationships are hard. But just what kinds of challenges might you face if you choose to keep your LDR during your time in college?

6 Benefits of Being Single in College on Valentine's Day
Feeling pressure to be coupled up on Valentine's Day? Don't worry; check out these 6 benefits of being single in college on Valentine's Day.

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