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College Student Holiday Survival Guide

With a Little Help, You Can Come out of Your Holiday Break Happy & Relaxed


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The holidays. What a nice time for ... buying gifts, traveling, heading home or finding somewhere else to stay, and trying to see tons of people all at once. All of this on top of being burned out from the previous semester and, most likely, being a bit short on cash. What's a college student to do?

Get Some Great Gifts with These Gift Ideas

Thinking of ideas for, and actually buying, gifts can often be stressful. Find great gift ideas for the people in your life that won't break your budget and won't require too much time.

Get Tips on Managing Your Money During the Holiday Season

The holidays aren't any fun if you end up running up credit card debt or simply can't figure out a way to make your limited funds stretch. Learning how to manage your money wisely can turn a rough holiday season into a great one.

Get a Moment to Focus on Your Break Plans

Some students need to use the time over college breaks to rest and recharge; others need to use it to finish up final projects and papers. Know how to make the most of either situation.

Get Prepped for New Living Arrangements

You might be heading home or you might be needing to find somewhere else to crash when the residence halls close. Either way, you'll probably need a primer about what to expect.

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