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25 College Party Themes

Having a Great Theme Can Lead to an Even Better Party


13. Look to the past -- the prehistoric past. You don't have to be an paleontologist to know that dinosaurs are crazy cool. Fortunately, they can also help make your party one to remember. Keep an eye out for decorations and other items that can be used for a kid party (origami dinosaurs anyone?), making sure to mix them up enough so that they suit your adult-themed prehistoric party, too.

14. Think Western. Sure, the Old West was a rough and tumble place. But that doesn't have to mean that your party can't take the best of what it had to offer! Fun hats, decorations, music, boots, outfits, and food can all work together to make sure your Western party is one everyone will be talking about Monday morning.

15. Choose a color as a theme. Go crazy with one specific color: invites, promos, decorations, foods, costumes. Using various shades of one color can make your color-themed party a little more visually exciting while also offering a way to transform your house into a place nearly no one will recognize. Encourage attendees to come dressed in the color, too.

16. Go colorless with a black-and-white theme. It doesn't have to be formal or New Year's Eve for you to go with a black-and-white themed college party. This theme is particularly flexible, too, because it will look classy no matter how fancy (or not fancy!) you make it. Let people know, too, that they should come wearing only black and white for an added effect.

17. Have everyone come as famous people from history. If you're in college, you're around a lot of smart folks -- which means they'll help make this party theme one that works well. How fun would it be to be schmoozing with George Washington only to go get more snacks next to Joan of Arc, stopping to talk to Socrates along the way?

18. Pick a classic board game. You may have thought that games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Sorry were stuck in your past, but with a little creative planning, they can be turned into great party themes. Additionally, because most of these classic games hold a sense of nostalgia for everyone, people are likely to be interested in what you do with the theme and contribute to it.

19. Make a popular video game theme a reality. If you have a ton of gamers on campus (and who doesn't, really?), tap into their creative side by throwing a video game-themed party. World of Warcraft or even classic games like Zelda or Super Mario Brothers can bring out the best of everyone in attendance.

21. Angel or devil? Angel or devil parties are super easy to throw because your attendees pretty much bring the main decorations through their costumes. Tell guests to come dressed as either an angel or a devil; all you have to do is use black, white, and red decorations around your house or other party location to tie everything together.

22. Go for an animal theme. You might be surprised at how creative people can be if they're coming for an animal-themed party. People can choose from the simple whiskers-drawn-on-the-face to going full-out in a mascot costume. And, as the party host, you just need to coordinate a bit by providing things to help everything seem cohesive: zoo advertising? animal prints? "Please Don't Feed the Animals" signs?

23. Think classic Hollywood. Movies like The Wizard of Oz can provide great themes for college parties. For ideas on everything from posters and advertising to costumes and decorations, schedule a movie-watching session with your planning committee. Take great notes and then get to work!

24. Think classic literature (especially children's literature). Dressing up like Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Bears, or even Hansel and Gretel can be a fun and new way to mix things up at a college party. With so much to choose from, too, your guests should feel comfortable going as simple or all-out as they want to. For the theme, you can choose one story in particular or just make the broader theme of classic children's literature the main theme itself.

25. Choose-your-own classic musical figure. This theme provides endless ideas because there are so many musicians to choose from (Beethoven? Elvis? Britney Spears? Michael Jackson?). Additionally, creating a playlist to play during the party is easy-cheesy. And with a little searching online, you should be able to find enough images of famous musicians to create some rockin' promos and decorations, too.

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