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10 Ways to Celebrate July 4th

Independence Day Can Quickly Become the Highlight of Your Summer Break


10 Ways to Celebrate July 4th
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July 4th presents a unique situation for college students: a long weekend that takes place over summer break, meaning some extra time for fun without the stress of classes. So how can you make sure to celebrate July 4th with style?

How to Celebrate July 4th

  1. BBQ with your family. Many college students are home during the summer -- or at least over the July 4th weekend. Spend some time hanging out with your family over all that your BBQ has to offer.

  2. BBQ with your friends. You may have grown up BBQ-ing with your family; now that you're in college you can celebrate the weekend with friends. Grab some friends, some food, some drinks, and some briquettes. Even if you don't have your own BBQ, you can always head to a nearby park and celebrate there, too. (Added bonus: Extra room for fun events like a football game or water fight.)

  3. Volunteer. July 4th is, after all, a celebration of our nation's independence. Give back to this great country of ours by volunteering at a public park, VA hospital, or other organization.

  4. Kick off a summer exercise routine. Think how amazing you feel after a really great, really long workout. Consider kicking off (or getting back into) a summer exercise routine since you have the long weekend to get into a new workout schedule.

  5. Do something with water. Head to the beach, head to a lake, host a pool party, set up a Slip 'N Slide, fill up some water balloons. No matter what you do with water, however, it's sure to be fun.

  6. Go on a road trip over the long weekend. Road trips for college students can be one of the best ways to spend your summer. And with the holiday weekend, places like D.C. never looked better.

  7. Go camping. Long summer weekends are made for camping trips. Head to a national park, too, to really get into the July 4th, civic-minded spirit.

  8. Do something that frightens you. What better way to celebrate the spirit of independence than to do something that conquers your fears, like bungee jumping or skydiving?

  9. Do something creative. Another great way to celebrate Independence Day? Embrace what makes you unique by doing something creative, like painting, writing poetry, or dancing.

  10. Read about American history. Just because you're not in class over the summer doesn't mean you have to stop reading and learning. Consider diving into a great book that examines a part of American history -- like David McCullough's John Adams (also available as an HBO miniseries) or Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States.
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