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Planning for, Beginning, and Succeeding in Your First Year of College


Starting college? Not sure where to begin? Get answers on everything from knowing what to pack and contacting your roommate to learning how to manage your time and balance your finances.
  1. Before You Arrive
  2. Your First Few Weeks
  3. Staying on Top of Your Coursework
  1. Making Sure You Have a Personal Life
  2. Keeping in Touch with Friends & Family at Home
  3. Keeping Yourself Healthy & Safe

Before You Arrive

Information, resources, and strategies about how to prepare yourself for a strong semester before you arrive on campus.

Your First Few Weeks

Beginning with the (super fun!) craziness of Orientation, your first few weeks in school will fly by before you know it. Learn how to make the most of that critical time.

Staying on Top of Your Coursework

While you may be having the time of your life in college, it's important to keep the end goal in mind: graduation. Staying on top of your academics ensures you'll have time for everything else you want to do while in school.

Making Sure You Have a Personal Life

Balancing your time, classes, money, job, and eight million other responsibilities can make any college student feel like they have no life whatsoever. Keeping your personal life healthy and active, however, can be done with only a little strategic effort.

Keeping in Touch with Friends & Family at Home

Whether you're going to school across the country or attending classes across town, keeping your relationships up with your friends and family is always a challenge during the first year of school. While it can be a challenge, however, there are ways to keep in touch with the folks who loved and supported you before you officially became a college student.

Keeping Yourself Healthy & Safe

Stress, safety issues, getting sick from all the germs in your residence hall: managing your health and safety in college can sometimes seem overwhelming. Luckily, however, it's not -- as long as you treat yourself to a little TLC every now and then.

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