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What Can I Do with a Degree in Business?

America's Most Popular Major Is Popular for a Reason


Not sure what you can do with a degree in business? If you'll be graduating soon with a degree in business (or are considering getting one), rest assured that all your tuition, effort, and time will have gone to a good cause.

Fortunately, most companies and people you meet will know that a major in business is a solid degree. But what exactly are your options for putting that degree to use?

14 Careers for Business Majors

  1. Work for a consulting company. Working for a consulting company can be a great place to start if you know you're interested in business but aren't sure what sector you're most interested in. Consulting will let you see all kinds of industries from the inside out.
  2. Work for an accounting company. Working at an accounting firm will help you understand the gritty details of a business -- which can be perfect for geeky business types.
  3. Work at a financial planning firm. Interested in investing? Helping people prepare for retirement? Consider working at a financial planning firm.
  4. Work at an investment firm. Working at an investment firm can give you a unique insight into some of the most exciting, up-and-coming companies as well as how they work.
  5. Take a job at a large company. Consider working for a large, national (or even international) company. You'll learn all about the industry, marketing, communications, legal issues, and the general business of, well, business.
  6. Take a job at a small company. Large, national company not your thing? See if a local, smaller company is hiring. You'll be more likely to see all the details of how the company works and be more involved in many of the decisions.
  7. Work for a non-profit. Most people think of business degrees as a great way to make money. But working for a non-profit is a great way to make a salary while also helping out those who are working toward a larger social cause.
  8. Work for a bank. It can be a huge, international bank; it can be a local credit union. And it can be a really cool job.
  9. Work for the government. In many ways, the government operates like a business. Get your hands dirty helping Uncle Sam do his work.
  10. Teach! Consider teaching at a high school. After all, all those famous businesspeople were inspired somewhere along the way, right?
  11. Look into advertising for radio/TV/a newspaper. Think global, act local. If you know how to make wise business choices that can help a company, consider putting your talent to work at a local radio station, TV station, or newspaper.
  12. Go into fundraising/development. People who are good with money are often good at helping other people donate money. Consider working in fundraising or development and challenging yourself in all kinds of interesting ways.
  13. Work for a local organization like the Better Business Bureau. If you have a good business brain, working for a company like the Better Business Bureau can be a great way to apply all that you learn in college and learn a ton all day, every day.
  14. Blend your business acumen with another passion. If, for example, you are passionate about writing and the environment, consider blending all of your interests in one job -- like working on the business end of an environmental magazine or website.

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