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5 Things to Do Off Campus If You're Single on Valentine's Day

Making Your Own Anti-Valentine's Day Off Campus Can Be Fun and Enjoyable


Valentine's Day for those with a significant other (or a potential significant other) can be fantastic. For those without one, however, it can be a little awkward, no matter how happy you may be being single. If you're looking for something to do off campus on Valentine's Day, these 5 tips are a great place to start.

1. Go out to dinner with friends. Everyone else in the restaurant may be having quiet, intimate conversations, but you and your friends may be screaming with laughter. Being single doesn't have to mean you don't get a fantastic dinner out of the night!

2. Head to a club. Some clubs may be having Valentine's Day specials (no cover charge for women, for example), some may be having Anti-Valentine's Day specials (singles only), some may not be having anything special at all. But why miss out on a great night with friends?

3. Head to the movies. You can bring your friends or head out by yourself to see that flick you've been meaning to catch. Treating yourself to a nice movie might be just the break your brain needs from all your academic work anyway. When's the last time you let yourself check out for a few solid hours?

4. Head to a sports game. Lots of sports are in season in February. Grab some tickets for you and some friends and make the most of your time away from campus.

5. Volunteer. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind for Valentine's Day, but it just may be what you're looking for. You'll help out your community and leave with a fantastic feeling in your heart. And what's not to like about that?

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