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Valentine's Day Ideas & Suggestions for College Students

Valentine's Day as a college student can be one of the highlights of spring semester -- or not. Whether you're celebrating with a boyfriend or girlfriend or celebrating being single, find ideas and suggestions of how to make the most of a college Valentine's Day.

7 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Don't want to do the usual chocolates and roses as a Valentine's Day gift this year? Check out these 7 options for unique gifts for Valentine's Day for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

College Student Valentine's Day Survival Guide
Valentine's Day for college students is an experience unlike any other. Whether you're single or in a serious relationship, thinking of confessing a crush or handling a long-distance situation, the College Student Valentine's Day has something for everyone.

5 Things to Do Off Campus If You're Single on Valentine's Day
Living off campus and feeling like everyone has special plans for Valentine's Day? Find 5 ways for single college students to enjoy Valentine's off campus -- and without a boyfriend or girlfriend.

5 Things to Do On Campus If You're Single on Valentine's Day
In college? Single? Valentine's Day inevitably approaching? Find 5 things to do on campus -- either by yourself or with friends -- that can make a college Valentine's Day actually fun for single students.

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