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Profile of the Simmons College Sustainability Committee


Name of Club or Organization:

Simmons College Sustainability Committee

College or University:

Simmons College (Boston, MA)



"The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to join students, faculty, and staff in an effort to being more sustainable in options and actions to the Simmons College Community."


The Sustainability Committee - comprised of college students, advised by a faculty member, and working in partnership with Business Affairs - coordinates environmental efforts on the Simmons College campus. Their initiatives include "Switch Your Bulb" (with the committee providing free compact fluorescent light bulbs) and "Project Move Out," which matches community groups and their needs with the large volume of "stuff" that college students frequently leave behind when they move out of the residence halls.

Can I Replicate This Group on My Campus?:

Yes! With so much going to waste on any given college campus, this organization could be easily duplicated and tailored to meet a campus's specific needs.

Contact Information:

N/A (changes each year)
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