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Profile of the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter


Profile of the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
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Name of Club or Organization:

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter

College or University:

Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)




"We are a student-run homeless shelter currently operating out of the University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square that serves 24 men and women every night for the five coldest months of winter. We strive to provide our guests with resources and services that will help them successfully transition into housing. In the meantime, we hope to ensure a sense of dignity that is often absent when people have been maltreated or stigmatized because they are homeless."


The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter is the only student-run homeless shelter in the country. It provides a much-needed resource for the homeless population in a city that faces frigid and long winters.

The shelter was founded in 1983 and, while it has expanded since that time, still aims to serve Boston's homeless population while helping to transition them from homelessness to permanent housing.

Can I Replicate This Group on My Campus?:

Yes, if there are the facilities to support it. The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter operates out of a church in Harvard Square.

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