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4 Unique Ways to Volunteer During a College Spring Break

You Don't Necessarily Have to Travel Far to Make a Big Difference


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Volunteering during Spring Break is becoming increasingly popular. But what are a college student's options? Learn ways to volunteer, make a difference, feel great about your work, and return to school relaxed and refreshed.

Volunteer with an international organization. There are an overwhelming number of organizations (some non-profit, some for profit) working with college students who want to volunteer internationally over their Spring Breaks. Check with your campus's student life or volunteerism office to figure out which ones are legit before signing up.

Volunteer with a local community organization. You don't have to travel far to make a big difference. Check with community organizations in your neighborhood -- a woman's shelter, a hospital, an environmental group -- and ask how you can help.

Volunteer with a local religious organization. Connect with people of a similar religious background as yourself while doing good works in your community. What isn't great about that idea?

Volunteer on campus. Chances are, no matter how big or how small your campus is, there is already some kind of community work going on. Check with your campus to see what kinds of programs you can volunteer with. You just might find yourself a great teen to mentor or a kind neighborhood resident who needs a little help around the house.

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