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What Does Campus Security Do?


School security guard reporting incident in hallway
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Question: What Does Campus Security Do?

During your college tour, you likely were told about some of the safety measures Campus Security (aka Campus Safety, Public Safety, or something similar) takes to keep students, staff, and faculty safe. Now that you're on campus, however, you may not be entirely sure what exactly it is they do on a regular basis -- and whether they're a friend or foe. So just what does Campus Safety do anyway?


Although your initial interaction with Campus Safety as a student might involve their presence at a campus party, Campus Safety actually offers a lot of other important services. So, while you might be annoyed when they show up at a party you're attending and request that it be shut down, Campus Safety should be more of your ally than a pain in the brain.

Behind the scenes, Campus Safety officers are hard at work doing all kinds of things to keep the campus safe and secure. While you're upstairs in the library studying for finals, they might be downstairs, escorting out a community member causing disruptions. Their presence in and around your residence hall might just have prevented someone with less-than-admirable intentions from sneaking in and stealing your laptop. They might be running background checks on the workers in the campus daycare center or transporting an ill student to the hospital in the middle of the night. When it's late at night and you and your friends don't want to walk home alone, they can offer you a free ride or walking escort back to your on-campus apartment. They answer questions from concerned (and over-concerned) parents about student behavior and can even deflect questions from the media or others interested in gaining access to information they don't lawfully have the right to access. And, while it's highly unlikely that it will ever be needed, they have been extensively trained in and are constantly improving policies and procedures to deal with things like major acts of violence on your campus.

So yes, you might be mad at the write-up you got last weekend, but overall Campus Safety is working around the clock to keep things running smoothly during your time in school. After all, while you sometimes may wish they weren't so good at their jobs ... chances are you'd rather have their presence on campus than not.

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