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Sport+Store Water Bottle Product Review

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Sport+Store Water Bottle Product Review
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The Bottom Line

Although it has a few minor flaws, the Sport+Store water bottle can be a dependable everyday item for college students frequently on the go.


  • Lightweight
  • Modern colors and designs
  • Smart idea
  • High functionality
  • Ergonomic design


  • A bit tall
  • Dents easily / Paint chips if dropped
  • May not rest steadily in exercise machine cup holder due to height
  • Not good for hot liquids


  • Aluminum water bottle on top with detachable storage cup below
  • Cup holds standard-size credit cards, ID cards, small set of keys, money, etc.
  • Twist-off top with loop
  • Can be used simply as water bottle (with storage cup detached)

Guide Review - Sport+Store Water Bottle Product Review

The Sport+Store Water Bottle is a great idea in theory -- and, for the most part, in execution.

The bottle itself is quite handy. It's easy to carry and the cup on bottom is perfect for storing some cash, a credit/debit card, and a student ID card. It's slender enough to slide into a backpack but lightweight enough to just carry by hand for a student going for a walk, heading out to read on the quad, or hitting the gym. It also holds enough water that you won't have to constantly be refilling it while working up a sweat.

Additionally, the designers appear to have paid attention to the smaller details. The lid screws in well, for example, so there is no chance of it popping off while in your bag. Additionally, if you just wanted to throw the water bottle section (without the storage cup) in your bag, the bottom of it has a non-slip grip stuck on the bottom so it won't slide around everywhere.

During product testing, however, I accidentally dropped the Sport+Store bottle several times in a parking lot. (This, I believe, was more a result of sweaty palms from working out than from any flaw with the bottle itself.) While the drops were accidental, I'd consider them pretty standard for any item; I was walking to my car and simply dropped it on the pavement. Each drop, however, resulted in a noticeable dent as well as some paint chipping/scratching. Because of that, I do have some concerns as to how well this product will stand up over time.

Additionally, because of it's aluminum material, the Sport+Store bottle will not work well for hot liquids -- which may be a problem for college students wanting to fill the bottle with coffee.

In general, however, it's a smart product that can easily fit into a college student's lifestyle and budget. It can be a major pain in the brain to bring a water bottle, keys, iPod, phone, and ID to the gym for a quick jog on the treadmill. The Sport+Store bottle can make that process a little easier and would make a unique gift for most college students.

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