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"Say It With Vases" Product Review

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The Bottom Line

Say It With Vases is a unique product that can serve as the perfect vase for college students living in the residence halls or in small apartments.


  • Stores flat
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean up
  • Fun designs


  • Only one size available
  • Limited colors/patterns
  • May not work well with short-stemmed flowers


  • Sturdy plastic vase that collapses completely flat when not in use
  • Vase widens and stands upright when filled with water
  • When emptied, vase once again collapses to flat and can be stored easily

Guide Review - "Say It With Vases" Product Review

For most college students, living space is at a premium. Nearly everything serves multiple functions in the average residence hall room and students are often forced to forgo items in order to conserve space. Flowers for birthdays, romantic anniversaries, and other celebrations are often stored in unstable (and ugly!) plastic cups or whatever else might be handy at the moment.

Say It With Vases's collapsible -- yet sturdy -- flower vases will work great in a college student's residence hall room or small apartment. Because they are made from soft plastic, these vases collapse completely flat when not in use. Unlike traditional vases, Say It With Vases vases can be stored in a small drawer or even between books on a desk while taking up very little space.

The vases themselves are quite sturdy and hold water and flowers well. They are also easy to clean and come in a variety (albeit limited) of colors and patterns. While they may not work well for arrangements with short-stemmed flowers, they do provide a smart, affordable, and attractive option for flower vases for those short on storage space. Say It With Vases can be a fun gift idea or even a funky addition to a new college student's packing list.

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