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Review: Day-Timer Student Planner

If You Like Paper Planners, Day-Timers Can Be a Good Option

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Review: Day-Timer Student Planner
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Time can be one of the most precious resources for college students -- meaning a good time-management system is often critical for your success. For some students, however, online calendars, cell phones, etc., don't work. If the classic paper calendar is your thing, you might want to consider using a Day-Timer.


  • Clearly-marked sections (months, notes, planning calendars)
  • Lots of space to write down events, to-dos
  • Extra "helpful" pages covering study tips, reference websites, degree requirements, course schedule, grades, projects, expense tracker, commonly misspelled words, common editorial marks, and notes)
  • Plastic pocket sleeve in back for holding important papers
  • Thin yet strong protective plastic cover page
  • Link to free time-management webinar included
  • Very little advertising


  • Paper calendars may not work for all students
  • Greater chance of data being lost or damaged, as information can't be electronically backed up
  • Size is relatively large (8" x 10" x 3/8") and will add weight to your backpack
  • No tabs to make flipping between sections easier
  • Cost may be higher than non-name-brand planners

Detailed Review

When it comes to planners in college, many students prefer electronic organizers because they can be backed up, are less likely to be damaged, and can be synced. For some students, however, electronic calendars present more hassle than they're worth or don't provide the flexibility that comes with a paper calendar.

For students who prefer and work best with paper calendars, Day-Timer is the cream of the crop. This calendar is well laid out and provides ample room for entering anything and everything that makes up your college life. It is sturdy and has the minor details that make a calendar last throughout the academic year: strong wire binding, a sturdy protective cover, and thick pages. It also pays attention to detail, like providing a three-month mini calendar on each weekly planning page so you can see, for example, when exactly you need to get your mom's Mother's Day present in the mail.

Because of their name and reputation (as well as their quality), Day-Timers can often be more expensive than a generic or store-brand calendar you could pick up elsewhere. The most important feature of any time-management system, however, is that it works for you. If the calendar on your cell phone or the cheap calendar you picked up on a whim in the bookstore isn't working for you, a Day-Timer might be a worthwhile investment. After all, the extra $10 that it costs just might be worth it if it means getting your papers in on time, knowing when your midterms are, and generally leading an organized college life.

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