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Planning for, Managing, and Handling College Money and Expenses


Virtually every college student has to deal with money while in school, whether it be working a campus job or learning ways to save money on a daily basis. From applying for financial aid before you arrive to what to expect after you graduate, learn how to handle your college money and expenses.
  1. The Basics on College Financial Aid
  2. Setting Up a System for Yourself
  3. Working in College
  1. Smart Ways to Save Money Every Day
  2. Controlling Your Living Expenses
  3. Handling Emergency Financial Situations

The Basics on College Financial Aid

Understanding the basics of financial aid, and of your financial aid package in particular, will help you better understand what your financial year will look like while you're in school.

Setting Up a System for Yourself

Knowing what your expenses are, how much money you have left for the semester, and how to track your money can be a lot easier than you might think -- and a lot easier than dealing with an unexpected disaster at the end of the term.

Working in College

Most students have a job (or jobs) while in school. Learn how to find the best job for your situation and how to be smart about working during your college years.

Smart Ways to Save Money Every Day

Staying on top of your money in college often means doing little things every day that add up to financial responsibility (and more money in your pocket!) by the end of the semester.

Controlling Your Living Expenses

Where to live, what to eat ... everyday choices about the basics while in college can significantly influence how much money you'll need to survive the academic year. Make sure your choices about your living expenses are informed and the best fit for your situation.

Handling Emergency Financial Situations

Sometimes, no matter how much or how well you plan, "life" just happens while you're in school. And finding money for college in an emergency can be particularly challenging -- and scary. Know how to prevent an unexpected setback from turning into a detour from your plans to get your degree.

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