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Unusual Jobs for College Students

Working While in School Doesn't Have to Be Boring


Most college students work while they're in school. Luckily, there are some creative options you can explore that will make the experience more interesting and exciting than usual. If you need some ideas, check out these unusual jobs for college students:

For the Funky

There is an interesting niche market for cigarette girls (and boys!) at large events. You can wear a funky outfit, sell classic candy and cigarettes, and schmooze your heart out at functions that often have interesting guests. While it's not for everyone, this gig can be a funky alternative to flipping burgers on a Friday night.

For the Sports and Business Minded

Get a job -- any job -- with a professional team nearby. It can be making copies for the corporate folks at a minor league office; it can be working in a stadium over the summer; it can be in the Public Relations department of a company that owns a professional team. Regardless of the role, you can get your foot in the door and, hopefully, get yourself noticed for other positions.

For the Artist

Check out the local art community hangouts, newspapers, and websites (like Craigslist) for artists looking for help. Many artists need help organizing the business side of what they do; working in that kind of role will expose you to the everyday details and logistics of an artist's life.

For the Aspiring Actor

Be an extra. Even if you don't live in Los Angeles, you should be able to find someone filming something, somewhere nearby. Working as an extra often requires long periods of time where nothing much is going on (for you, at least, although other people will be setting up props, adjusting the lighting, and the like). You can catch up on your homework or use the time to talk to other people on set.

For the Public Relations Student

Working as a secret shopper can be an interesting and unexpectedly fun gig. (Additionally, you often get to keep the groceries or other products your employer pays for you to buy.) Some companies hire secret shoppers to "work" undercover in their stores as shoppers, whereas other companies hire shoppers and send them out to different stores.

For the Performer

Take a job as a clown, magician, or holiday character. (Santa outfit, anyone?) These jobs often need you to work evenings and weekends, when families are out or hosting parties -- and when you're conveniently not in class. This can also be good work when you need an extra influx of cash but don't want to commit to a weekly, long-term schedule.

For the Partier

Be a bartender. You'll have to invest some funds in a class or two, but once you're certified you'll be good for quite a while. Bartending can be a great job while having the extra benefit of ensuring you'll always know what great options to provide when hosting your own event.

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