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Holiday Jobs for College Students

Seasonal Work Doesn't Have to Take the Cheer Out of the Holidays


Need some extra cash over the holidays? Not sure what your options are for finding a job between semesters? Find 6 holiday job options for college students that can fit anyone's budget and schedule.

The classic: seasonal retail work. It may not be glorious, but it can fit the bill. You can work a lot of hours, make some good cash, and even get an employee discount.

North Pole, anyone? You've seen 'em. You maybe even have had your picture taken with 'em. And now it might be time to be 'em. Regardless of where you live or go to school, many places nearby need santas, elves, and all kinds of seasonal characters for picture-taking and parties.

Catering companies. With the holiday season comes the party season. Check with local catering companies to see if they need extra seasonal help during your break.

Think of what makes you unique. Do you DJ back at campus? Advertise your services for holiday parties. Does your campus job require event planning, decorating, and making invites? Ask around to see who needs your help with their upcoming events.

Check online job marketplaces. Many online places, like elance.com or guru.com, let freelance workers bid on projects for companies needing help. You can make some extra cash while using the skills you've learned in school (writing, researching, coding). Extra bonus: no need to buy work clothes or commute to an office.

Check online job sites. Many places, like monster.com, offer seasonal job postings. A quick search can show you the many options available in your area that you may not otherwise have considered.

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