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Managing your money and finances can sometimes seem like an education in itself when you're in school. Find out more about financial aid, jobs, terms you should know, credit cards, and common myths about college-related money and finances.
  1. Having a College Job (11)

What to Buy at the University Bookstore
The university bookstore is convenient -- but also expensive. So just what kinds of things should you feel okay buying at the campus bookstore?

10 Smart College Summer Jobs
Need to get a college summer job but not sure what to do? Find 10 smart college summer jobs that can work for nearly any situation.

Managing & Saving Money
Funds are infamously tight for college students. Learn some crucial ways to manage your money, think creatively about finances, find hidden savings, and handle the unexpected.

College Money -- Tips for Students about College Money
Virtually every college student has to deal with money while in school, whether it be working a campus job or learning ways to save money on a daily basis. From applying for financial aid before you arrive to what to expect after you graduate, learn how to handle your college money.

Student Credit Cards -- What You Need to Know
Most college students have credit cards while in school. And most college students graduate with a significant amount of credit card debt. Learn when to use a credit card, when not to use a credit card, and what to know before opening a student credit card account.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money as a College Student
Saving money in college is always challenging. Learn 5 quick ways to make saving money in college quick and easy for any college student.

Important College Financial Aid Deadlines
Meeting financial aid deadlines in college is one of the most important things a college student can do. Everything from loans and scholarships to grants and work study money is awarded through the financial aid office. Find a list of the basic financial aid deadlines -- and make sure you're on track to make every one of them.

5 Things to Know About Your Financial Aid Package
Your financial aid package contains a lot of information. These 5 facts aren't mentioned but are important to know.

College Financial Aid Defined
The terminology used when discussing financial aid can sometimes feel overwhelming (work study? work award?). Learn what each term means and, more importantly, what they mean for your financial future.

5 Ways to Track Your College Expenses
Tracking your college expenses can be just as important as staying on top of your coursework while in college. Learn 5 ways to track your college expenses so you can avoid any surprises at the end of the month (or semester!).

5 Quick Ways to Make Money in College
Being in college and needing money seem to go hand in hand for many college students. Knowing how to make money in college -- quickly -- can come in awfully handy when the end of the semester or an unexpected bill is rapidly approaching. These 5 quick ways to make money in college are easy, won't take a lot of time -- and will let you keep your pride along the way.

5 Places to Find Money for College in an Emergency
College students may find themselves in an emergency when it comes to money for college. Whether it's from an unexpected expense or funding that fell through, many students will need money for college in an emergency during their time at school. Find 5 places that can help.

How to Ask Your Parents for Money in College
Asking your parents for money while you're a college student is never easy. But, at some point during their time in college, most students need a little money from Mom or Dad. Learn 6 smart ways to ask your parents for college money.

How College Students Can Save Money over the Holidays
College students are usually short on cash anyway, so when the holidays come around, things can become extra tight. Learn quick and easy ways for college students to save money during the holidays without having to sacrifice quality or fun.

5 Ways to Relax for Under $5
Relaxing, especially while a college student, doesn't have to be expensive. Find 5 ways to relax and rewind -- all for under $5.

5 Inexpensive Date Ideas for College Students
Date? Yes. Money? No. Find five cheap date ideas to make sure you have a good time without blowing your budget.

Last-Minute Student Travel Options
College students and last-minute travel plans seem to go hand in hand. Just because you're a college student leaving in a rush, however, doesn't mean that you have to pay top price. Check out these resources to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Resources and Information on Using the GI Bill
Using the new GI Bill can be complicated. Find information on the new Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, which schools are participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program, and how to apply for and receive your benefits.

Should I Live On or Off Campus?
There are pros and cons of living both on and off campus. Learn more about each, and how to decide which is right for you.

Is Study Abroad Right for Me?
Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. It can also logistically be very complicated. Learn how to decide if it's right for you.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for College Students
Need some last-minute gift ideas for someone in college? Find several last-minute gift ideas for the college student on your list -- whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, roommate, friend, or even the kind person who helped you from failing your statistics class -- that are sure to please.

How Much Money Will I Need for College?
These simple steps can help you figure out just how much money you'll need for college.

Common College Costs
In addition to tuition and fees, what other college costs do you need to consider? Find a list of the most common costs in college.

What Do the 2011 Changes in Federal Student Loans Mean?
In 2011, President Obama announced important changes to the federal student loan program. Find out what those changes are and if and how they will affect you.

Low-Cost Gift Ideas
Are you a college student who needs low-cost gift ideas? Find a list of 8 low-cost gifts that won't make you look cheap.

Gift-Giving Guide for College Students
Giving gifts on a college-student budget can be challenging. Fortunately, these suggestions can help you find nearly any gift for anyone on your list -- all while staying within your budget.

What to Do If You Have Credit Card Debt in College
Learn what to do if you have credit card debt in college.

What to Look for in a College Credit Card
Thinking about getting a credit card in college? Learn what you should know before signing up for a college credit card.

How to Reduce Your Financial Stress in College
While managing money in college is often difficult, it sometimes becomes downright stressful. Find 11 ways to help manage your financial stress in college.

Common Dorm Costs for College Students
Living on campus won't necessarily eliminate the need for a monthly budget. Find out what dorms costs every college student should plan for.

Where Should I Open a College Bank Account?
When you head to college, you'll need your own bank account. But how can you figure out what kind of bank is right for you?

Where Can I Get College Student Discounts?
Everyone knows that college student discounts are available. But where exactly can you show your ID to save some cash?

How to Pay for the Cost of a Fraternity or Sorority
Interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, but worried about the cost? Find 5 ways to help cover the costs of "going Greek" during your college years.

What Not to Buy at the University Bookstore
Not sure if that item is worth its price at the university bookstore? Find a list of items you should never buy at your college bookstore.

What Are College Fees?
You've probably seen the term "tuition and fees" on nearly everything related to your financial aid. But just what exactly is included under "fees" anyway?

What Is Room and Board?
Not totally clear on what the term "room and board" means? Find out all you need to know.

10 Questions to Ask After a Tuition Increase
Just been notified about a tuition increase? Not sure what to do? Start by asking yourself these 10 important questions.

10 Ways to Save Money on Your College Commute
Commuter student? Find 10 easy ways you can save money during your college commute.

8 Host or Hostess Gifts for College Students
Invited to someone's house, need a gift, and short on time and money? Find a list of 8 host or hostess gifts for college students (and their budgets).

What to Do If You Don't Have Internet Access in College
The assumption at your school might be that you can get online whenever you need to. But what can you do if you don't have Internet access in college?

What Can I Use the Financial Aid Office for?
Think the financial aid office is just where you submit and receive paperwork? Think again.

What to Know About Your Student Loans Before You Graduate
Have student loans? Yes. Know how to repay them? Nope. Learn what exactly you'll need to figure out before you graduate.

12 Unexpected College Fees and Fines
Don't make college more expensive than it has to be by letting these 12 unexpected fees and fines creep into your account.

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