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10 Ways to Spend Thanksgiving on Campus

You Don't Have to Go Home to Have a Nice Holiday Break


Some college students can't go home over Thanksgiving break. Others don't want to. Regardless of your reason, spending Thanksgiving at school doesn't have to be a bummer. These 10 ways to spend Thanksgiving on campus can help turn a potentially lame weekend into a fantastic one.

10 Ways to Spend Thanksgiving on Campus

1. Catch up on sleep. Your roommate is probably gone. The residence halls are quiet. There aren't any classes. Make the most of the peace and quiet and catch up on some long-overdue zzzzzs!

2. Relax in the quiet. Once you're caught up on sleep, take some time to enjoy the quiet. And if you're really feeling wild, go read something just for pleasure in a place that usually serves as a homework study spot.

3. Catch up on laundry. Okay, fair enough, this isn't sexy or exciting. But how awesome will it feel to have all your clothes clean, put away, and ready to go once the weekend concludes? Added bonus: You probably won't have to wait for a washer or dryer since most people have left campus.

4. Meet new people. Chances are that there are not that many people on campus over Thanksgiving break. So try talking to someone new you see in the dining hall or even in your residence hall.

5. Clean your room. Similar to laundry, it sounds like a lame way to spend your break. But you do have four free days and a messy room. Cleaning your room? Lame. Having a clean room? Awesome. And, since no one else is really around, feel free to crank your music up and rock out while picking up.

6. Get ahead on your homework. Take a look at the next few weeks in your classes and what's due at the end of the semester: It's probably not pretty. Do what you can to get ahead so that the time between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester doesn't turn into four weeks of torture.

7. Book your holiday/vacation plans home. If you can't make it home for Thanksgiving, maybe you can make it home for the winter holidays. And if you don't want to go home, now can be a great time to make alternative arrangements.

8. Do something creative and fun. Many college students are so overloaded with homework and other responsibilities that they don't have time to be creative. Paint a new painting for your room, make something out of clay, or even begin making holiday gifts with some of the time you'll have on your hands over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

9. Volunteer. True, you may not be super happy with being on campus over Thanksgiving. But at least you have shelter, access to food, and a community to support you. Consider giving back by volunteering on Thanksgiving.

10. Leave campus for a day. When's the last time you left campus and hung out at a museum? Went to the beach? Went skiing? Went hiking? Went to a movie or did some shopping? Get yourself off campus and enjoy the break, both physical and mental, from the daily grind of campus life.

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