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Living Off-Campus

Living off-campus can be quite different than on-campus living. Find advice here about how to decide if living off-campus is right for you, what life will be like as a commuter student, and how you can make sure you stay connected to campus life.
  1. Roommates (21)

10 Easy Ways to Meet People in College
Going somewhere, by yourself, where you may or may not know a single person, just might be the bravest thing you've ever done. With so many ways to meet people, though, finding connections is easier than you may think.

15 Ways to Stay Safe While in College
Staying safe at college doesn't have to be complicated. Check out these fifteen easy, quick tips to make sure you, and your stuff, stay safe while you're in school.

Becoming a Resident Adviser (RA)
Interested in become a college resident adviser / RA but not sure what the process is like? Find out what the application experience is like on most campus and what your campus administrators are looking for in an college RA applicant.

Should I Live On or Off Campus?
There are pros and cons of living both on and off campus. Learn more about each, and how to decide which is right for you.

Should I Live at Home While I'm in College?
Living at home can be a tempting options for many college students. From saving money to not having to deal with the chaos of the residence halls, there can be many benefits for college students who choose to live at home. There can also be some challenges, too. Learn what to consider when thinking about living at home during college and how to make a decision that's best for your situation.

How to Decide if You Should Live in a Fraternity or Sorority
Living in a fraternity or sorority can be a difficult choices for many college students. While joining a fraternity or sorority may have been an easy choice, choosing to live in the house may be an entirely different matter. Find a list of questions to ask yourself as you determine if living in your Greek house is right for you.

Find an Apartment Off Campus
For whatever reason, you're not going to live on campus next year. The process of finding an apartment, though, can seem like an extra class you have to take while you're already carrying a full load. Learn where to go for listings, what to consider when looking for a place to live, and how to decide if it's really the right decision for you.

Stay Connected to Campus as a Commuter Student
Staying connected to campus as a commuter college student can be challenging. With a few wise choices, however, it can be easier than you might think.

8 Steps for Strong Time Management for College Students
Time can quickly become your most precious commodity in college. Learning how to manage and use it wisely may be one of the most useful things you can do for yourself.

Religious Life in College
Staying connected to your religion may be an important part of your college experience. Being far from home doesn't have to mean being disconnected from your religion.

Do I Need a Car in College?
Having a car in college can be a major convenience -- or a major pain. Learn how to decide if having a car in college is right for you.

How to Decide What to Pack for College
Not sure what to bring with you to college? Check out this list of 8 questions to help you decide what to pack and what to leave behind.

15 Healthy Snacks in College
Find a list of 15 healthy snacks in college that can work with any student's hectic schedule -- and tight budget.

10 Ways to Save Money on Your College Commute
Commuter student? Find 10 easy ways you can save money during your college commute.

10 Ways to Relax in Your College Room
Feeling overwhelmed? Find 10 ways to relax in your college room so that you can leave your stress zone without having to leave at all.

Is Living Off Campus a Good Idea?
Is living off campus a good idea? Find out what to consider as you decide what's best for your particular situation.

How to Reduce Getting Parking Tickets in College
Despite your best intentions, you keep finding that awful piece of paper on your windshield. Learn how to reduce getting parking tickets in college.

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