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College Stress Survival Guide

Tips, Tricks, and Resources for Dealing with College Stress


College Stress Survival Guide
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Handling college stress is one of the bigger challenges students face during their time in school. From classes and bad professors to relationships and time management, the stress of college life always remains present. Fortunately, however, having stress in college doesn't always have to mean being stressed in college. With a little planning and insight (such as the info. found in this college stress survival guide), you can make sure your college experience -- and not your stress level -- is one to remember.


Preventing College Stress

What's the best way to reduce or even eliminate college stress? Avoid it in the first place, of course! Learning how to steer clear of stress, especially before it turns into something huge and horrible, is one of the best skills you can learn during your college years. A little bit of prevention can go a long way when it comes to stress management.

Dealing with College Stress

Alright, so your attempts at preventing college stress didn't exactly go as planned, and now you have enough stress that you clearly need to do something about it. First up? Identifying where your stress is coming from and what options you have for dealing with it.

Recovering from College Stress

No matter how hard you worked to avoid it or how much effort you put into dealing with it once it arrived, your stress came -- and stayed. So just how can you deal with a stress level that just won't seem to go away?

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