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50 Ways to Destress in College (Con't.)

Learn How to Relax Amidst the Chaos


26. Watch your favorite scene from your favorite movie on DVD. Chances are you have your favorite movie on DVD. What better moment to watch your favorite scene than when you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?

27. Watch your favorite scene from your favorite movie on YouTube, Hulu, etc. Even if you don't own your favorite movie, chances are you can find it online somewhere. Treat yourself to some old-fashioned escapism and tune out for a few minutes.

28. Search for funny clips on YouTube. Things go viral so quickly that there's always new stuff to watch. Put yourself on a time limit and watch ridiculous things to your heart's content.

29. Go hang out with other folks for a few minutes. Even if you're on a tight deadline and feel like you can't spare a few minutes -- you can. Spending a few minutes destressing with friends can do wonders for your productivity during the rest of the night.

30. Clean out your backpack. Boring? Maybe. Well, actually ... totally boring. But doing something completely mindless that will result in feeling productive can be a great way to focus on something other than your stress.

31. Play around on a gossip website for a few minutes (like People). Catching up on the latest celebrity news can be entertaining and provide a fun few minutes of escape.

32. Catch up on the latest sports news. Most students spend so much time reading homework in college that skimming the latest from the sports world isn't really an option. Check out what's happening with your favorite team, favorite sport, or favorite athlete for a few minutes.

33. Look at the events happening on campus this weekend. If you're feeling overwhelmed with what you have to do between now and the weekend, looking at what options await you at the end of the tunnel can be a great way to destress. Check out an events calendar online or go for a quick walk and actually take the time to read the posters and flyers everyone puts up all over the place.

34. Make fun plans for the weekend. If taking a break from campus is what your brain needs, make some fun plans for the weekend. Check out a local city guide or call a friend to see what the scoop is.

35. Do some laundry. You may not want to do it, but think of the benefits: You'll get yourself out of your current, stress-inducing project. You'll get yourself moving. You'll get a mental break from your more stressful tasks. And you'll finally get some clean clothes.

36. Look through your personal pics online. You can check out things you've posted on Facebook or elsewhere. Looking through your personal pics can warm your heart and cool your stress.

37. Look through the pics you have on your phone. Most people take a ton of pictures with their cell phone -- and then forget all that's on there. Take a quick trip down memory lane while also giving yourself a break and a few minutes to relax.

38. Read motivational quotations about college and education. Sometimes, college life can simply seem -- if not be -- overwhelming. Give yourself some perspective by reading over some motivational quotations about college that can help remind you why you work so hard in the first place.

39. Come up with a list of 10 things you've accomplished today/this week. Sometimes, people can get so focused on what they have left to do that they've forgotten all the things they've already done. Lower your stress by writing down at least 10 things you've accomplished today or this week. You just might surprise yourself!

40. Take a quick shower. Most of the time, you shower to get clean. Today, however, take a shower to just relax yourself. Let the hot water massage your shoulders and try to imagine your stress being rinsed off and going down the drain, too.

41. Take a quick bath. If you're lucky enough to live in a place that has bathtubs, a quick bath can be a magical escape. Squirt some soap (or even shampoo) in for some bubbles and pretend you're somewhere far, far away.

42. Wash your face. If you don't have time for a bath or a shower, a quick face-wash can do wonders for waking you up, making you feel refreshed, and helping to relax you, even if it's just for a minute or two. Even if you don't have your soap handy, a quick splash of water will do.

43. Give yourself a mani/pedi. You don't have to escape to a nail salon to feel fancy. Grab some polish and give yourself a visual pick-me-up as a way to destress and focus on something fun and funky for a few minutes.

44. Find some friends and have everyone give everyone else a quick massage. The power of a 3-minute neck and shoulder rub should never, ever be underestimated. Grab several folks, line up, and have everyone rub each other's shoulders for a few minutes. Added benefit: lots of giggles and inappropriate jokes.

45. Kiss your significant other. The power of human touch can do wonders for helping you destress. Grab your honey and enjoy a few minutes of lip-locking before getting back to what you have to do.

46. Address the thing that is stressing you out the most. Chances are, amidst all your stressors, there's at least one or two things that really stand out. Do at least one thing to address the biggest stress factor(s) in your life -- even if it's deciding not to worry about it until tomorrow.

47. Put your headphones in and listen to some music. Closing your eyes and relaxing while listening to some music can do wonders for your brain. Tuning out the world for even 5 minutes can be a great way to lower your stress and increase your mental clarity.

48. Daydream about your life after graduation. College can be overwhelming because there is so much to do all of the time. Let yourself daydream for a few minutes about what your dream life will be like after graduation. Don't worry about how you'll make everything happen; just imagine the best possible scenario.

49. Create a new Pandora channel. If you really need to work, incorporate ways to destress into your process. Create a new Pandora channel that will energize and refocus you as you work.

50. Treat yourself to some new songs on iTunes. Buying a few songs for a few bucks can perk you up, give you something fun to look forward to, and let you feel happy instead of stressed -- both during and after your purchase.

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