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When to Send Graduation Announcements

Find the Window Between Too Early and Too Late


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Sending college graduation announcements can be confusing -- especially when you have so much else going on as you prepare to graduate from college and live your post-college life. So when exactly should college graduation announcements be in the mail?

Current practice says that college graduation announcements should be sent approximately one month before you actually graduate. Remember, too, that graduation announcements are not invitations, so you want to allow enough time for 1) the announcement to arrive at someone's house, 2) the person to read your announcement and buy a congratulations card, if they wish, and 3) the congratulatory card to arrive back at your school. One month usually allows plenty of time for this process to take place.

If it's already closer than one month until your graduation, don't worry: just send out your announcements as soon as you can. Sending out your announcements after you've already graduated, however, might be a little awkward -- but it's ultimately your decision to do so if you wish.

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