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Sample Formal Graduation Announcement #2

Traditional Is Always a Smart, Classy Way to Go


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Struggling with how to word your college graduation announcement? No matter how many papers you wrote during your time in school, this little announcement can really throw you for a loop. Formal language, however, is always a safe bet, no matter what your situation, school, or degree.

Note: The information in parentheses should be filled in with information that is specific to you. Additionally, the text should be centered on your announcement.

Sample Formal Graduation Announcement #2

The President and Faculty


(San Francisco College)

announce that

(Alexandra Castillo)

is a candidate for the degree of

(Bachelor of Arts)


(English and Comparative Literary Studies)

on (Thursday, the eighth day of June)

(two thousand and fifteen)

at (two o'clock in the afternoon)

(Appian Yard)

(San Francisco, California)

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