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Guide to College Graduation Announcements

Learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why - and How


Guide to College Graduation Announcements
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College graduation announcements can seem so simple -- but also be so complicated. And, of course, while you're trying to figure out the ins-and-outs of college graduation announcements, you still have to focus on finishing your classes and planning for life after college. Use this guide to help you through the planning, organizing, and sending of graduation announcements.

The Logistics

Coordinating the logistics behind announcements can be a serious pain in the brain. With a little help, however, it can also be taken care of with a few quick steps.

The What: The Announcements Themselves

Wording announcements can seem so easy ... until you actually sit down and try to write them. Check out the samples below for a variety of styles you can use -- or change a bit -- to create your own, personalized graduation announcement.

Announcements with Formal, Traditional Language
Announcements with Casual, Informal Language
Announcements Mentioning Friends and/or Family
Announcements with a Religious Theme

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