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Profile of the Tufts University Nerd Girls Student Organization


Profile of the Tufts University Nerd Girls Student Organization

(Image © Dr. Karen Panetta. Used with permission.)

Name of Club or Organization:

Nerd Girls

College or University:

Tufts University (Medford, MA)



"The mission of this program is to show a wide audience of young women and young men how successful these students are as they work together to design and construct an engineering system. The project will showcase the young women's talents, diverse backgrounds and engineering skills. The team will build an energy efficient automobile and will drive it down the East coast, visiting local communities along the way and sharing their experiences with K-12 educators and students. As well, they will interact with professional women engineers who will consult on the project."


In their attempts at "breaking the stigmas and stereotypes of women in engineering," the Tufts University Nerd Girls build a solar car with the help of female engineers. They work together, as a team, toward this goal while simultaneously hoping to break down preconceived (and often negative) notions of women in engineering.

Can I Replicate This Group on My Campus?:

Sure! Based on the publicity this group has received in the mainstream media and how easy it could be to duplicate their mission and goals, creating a similar club on another campus should be possible.

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