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College Student Spring Break Guide

Find Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Time Off


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Spring Break can be one of the highlights of your spring semester -- if not your entire college experience. But with so many options, how's a college student to pick how to spend his or her time? Find all you need to know in this handy-dandy College Student Spring Break Guide.

I Don't Even Know Where to Start

Not sure where to start, but know you want to do something? Look over these 10 suggestions to get a general idea of what you think you'll want to do -- and then head back here to fine-tune your plans.

I Need to Get Off Campus -- ASAP

Need to get away? Not sure where to go? Check out these ideas of good locales for college Spring Break excursions.

I'd Like to Focus on Having Fun and Doing Good

Want to treat yourself to an enjoyable Spring Break while helping others in the process? Think about volunteering during your time off from class.

I Need to Focus on My Academics

Need to focus on your academics? Thinking about pursuing graduate school? Spring Break can be a great time to get ahead on both.

I Just Need to Relax!

Interested in doing ... well, nothing over your Spring Break? Letting yourself rest, relax and rewind just may be the best way to spend your Spring Break.

No Matter What I Do, I Need to Save Money

Just because Spring Break is coming up doesn't mean your budget is ready. Making your hard-earned dollars stretch a little further during your break just may make a good idea into a great experience.

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