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Quick and Easy Halloween Snacks for College Events

Funky, Tasty Treats Don't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated


Hosting a Halloween party? Having friends over? Heading somewhere, and you don't want to arrive empty-handed? Just want to make something fun and easy to get into the Halloween spirit? These 5 ideas are quick, cheap, and easy to make -- especially for college students, who are often short on time, money, and resources.

  • Easy pre-made cookies. Homemade cookies are always a hit, especially in college. Many companies, like Pillsbury, make rolls of cookie dough that you can just slice and cook. In fact, around Halloween, they often offer cookies with Halloween-themed images imprinted on the dough. Even if you're in a residence hall with no cookware, you can simply put them on some aluminum foil and put 'em in the oven. Feel free to decorate with icing tubes and other "toppings" that you can pick up, too. These pre-made tubes of dough are often found near the butter in most stores.

  • Fill clear bags with candy. Almost every grocery store sells small Ziploc bags. Grab a small box of them, grab some candy corn and other Halloween-type treats, grab a permanent marker or two, and you're all set. You can write and decorate the bags with the markers before you fill them ("Happy Halloween!" "Trick or Treat!"), scoop some candy inside, seal them up, and be ready to go.

  • Great creative with "nasty" candy. Around Halloween, the gross- and nasty-looking candy makes an appearance. Anything gummy suddenly becomes fodder for Halloween; you can find gummy worms (of course) as well as gummy hands, gravestones, skeletons, and the like. Use these to make anything Halloween-themed: a regular cake you bought, cupcakes (for the topping), cookies, cups with pudding inside (with gross worms coming out). There's no limit!

  • Get creative with Jello. With a little food coloring, you can quickly dye Jello black or use the orange flavor. You can fill small cups, make Jello Jigglers, or make a gross-looking mold with floating worms, spiders, and more inside. Everyone loves Jello, and Halloween is a great time to use it in new and creative ways. All you'll need to make it is hot water and something to pour it in.

  • Make Halloween cupcakes. You often need very few ingredients (one egg, a little oil, maybe some water) to make cake mixes, and you can buy disposable aluminum cupcake cups that will stand up on their own (so that you don't need a muffin pan, too). Buy a chocolate flavor to make sure they're extra dark, and decorate to your hearts content. You can even arrange and decorate them to look like tombstones, with witty messages specific to your campus or recent events.

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