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Easy College Student Halloween Costumes

Great Ideas For Costumes That Are Quick, Cheap and Easy to Make


Easy College Student Halloween Costumes
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Halloween on a college campus can be one of the highlights of fall semester. Without a great costume, however, what's a college student to do?

If you're like most college students who have too much stress and not enough time at this point in the semester, you probably waited until the last minute to figure out what to be for Halloween. Luckily, there are several great ideas that can be done at the last minute -- and without spending too much money.

Dress As Your Roommate

This should be done kindly, of course, and is even better if you both go together while dressed as each other. Simply borrow your roommate's clothes and an accessory or two, vamp it up a bit, and off you go. (Women: Is your roommate into bags? Grab several of her faves and head out. Men: Does your roommate always wear sports shirts? Put on several and show them off during the evening, perhaps rotating them as the night goes on.) It should go without saying, of course, that you'll need your roommate's permission and that you should be sensitive of hurting any feelings; you don't want to damage your relationship. But if you're both into it, it can be a fast costume fix.

Go to a Thrift Store

Thrift stores have all kinds of great finds throughout the year -- but especially at Halloween. Grab some funky clothes; grab some fancy clothes; grab some clothes from a decade or two ago. But grab all you want and don't worry about spending too much.

Keep in mind, too, that you don't necessarily need to have an idea before you get to the thrift store. Going in with an open mind just might be the best way to approach things; that way, if you see something that looks interesting, you'll be more likely to let your brain be creative.

Go as a Group

If you're going out with a group of friends, work together to find a costume. You can dress like the cast from a recent movie, flight attendants and pilots, or even the members of whatever girl or boy band is currently hot. Because you'll be going as a group, you won't need as many accessories as you would if you were responsible for your own attire.

Dress as a College-Aged Character from a Movie

Whether or not you ever thought about it as such, you have an entire room full of college-student props. Vamp it up and go as a college-aged character from a movie. It can be a classic (Bluto, anyone?) or whatever is current. Either way, it's an easy fix to not having a costume handy.

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