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What to Do If You're Bored in College

A Lazy Afternoon Can Quickly Turn Into a Fun, Productive Few Hours


When you thought of what college was like when you were in high school, you likely didn't think about it being boring. Despite all the busyness and activity that takes place on a college campus, however, there can be times when things really do just get a wee bit slow. So what can you do to help pass the time?

What to Do On Campus If You're Bored in College

1. Walk to a new part of campus. If you need something to do, one of the best ways to find something exciting is to step outside and see what's going on. Put comfy shoes on, grab your phone/iPod, and head outside to somewhere on campus you've never been before. You just might stumble across a rugby game a few of your friends are playing in, a cool new part of campus where you can study, or even an art exhibit that piques your interest.

2. Head to the gym. Don't feel like working out? Hitting the gym might be just the pick-up you need to get some energy, refocus your priorities, and pass some time. Plus, you'll get a workout in and the health benefits to boot.

3. Join/start a pick-up game. If things are a little slow on campus, chances are you aren't the only one looking for something to do. Head to the gym, see who else is just hanging out, and start a pick-up game. You'll burn calories, meet some new folks, get some exercise, and pass the time -- while possibly also getting some bragging rights.

4. Read something for fun. It may sound crazy given how much reading you do in college anyway, but think about it: When's the last time you read some trashy, gossip magazine just for fun? Or caught up on the latest news in your favorite sport? Head to the bookstore or a local supermarket and, for a few bucks, treat yourself to some fun, lazy, easy reading that you won't have to worry about taking notes on.

5. Do homework in a new location. Alright, it admittedly sounds more boring than doing nothing, but would you rather have to do your homework when you're bored ... or when there are tons of fun, exciting things going on that you'll have to miss? Heading to a new location, too, can help make doing your homework, well, not feel quite so much like doing your homework.

6. Hang out in your residence hall lobby. Your residence hall lobby might seem like a kinda boring place that you just pass through on the way to your room every day. But if you time it right, you can head down there, enjoy the extra space, perhaps watch a game on the TV, and meet some new people or hang out with ones you already know. It can be a nice way to do something new in a place that seems old and familiar.

7. Watch a sports game in person. If you're bored on campus, see if there's a game on campus you can go watch. It doesn't have to be something you're used to (football, anyone?) for you to have a good time. Rugby, soccer, softball, lacrosse, or even water polo can be super fun and a great way to pass a boring afternoon.

8. Watch a sports game on TV or the Internet. So, things on campus are a little slow and boring. Grab some friends, head to the dining hall, grab some snacks and drinks, and watch the game on TV or on your computer in your room. It might not be as exciting as watching the game in person, but it can be a great way to spruce up an afternoon -- especially if the weather outside is far from ideal.

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