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Ten Easy Spring Break Ideas

Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Break


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Not sure what to do for your Spring Break? It may be your first year at school; it may be your last. No matter what your situation, these ten ideas will provide you with some options that may be just what you need this time of year.

1. Relax at School

When classes are in session, you are constantly on the go. Use this time to just relax and do nothing while still on campus. If your situation allows, don't let yourself do any homework for the whole week. Watch movies, sleep in, and just rejuvenate and relax before you head into the last part of the Spring semester. (There may be more ways than you think to relax while at school.)

2. Relax Somewhere Tropical

Swaying palm trees. The sound of the ocean. Frozen drinks with umbrellas in them. The smell of suntan lotion and the feeling of sand between your toes. Need I say more? (Except, perhaps, to note that you can find discounted airfare for students to make that sunshine feel even better!)

3. Take a Road Trip

Is your roommate driving home for Spring Break? Can you catch a ride with him or her, and hang out for a few days? Does your friend need a way to get home, and you need somewhere to go? Hit the road and, with the time you have off, take the long way.

4. Volunteer Locally

Think about the last time you volunteered. Didn't it make you feel 100% better and rejuvenated? Find somewhere to volunteer over your Spring Break. If the city your school is in is different than your hometown, this can be a great way to get to know (and give back to!) your adopted new community.

5. Volunteer Internationally

Lots of programs are now available for college students to volunteer internationally during their spring breaks. Check with your Student Activities office, your campus volunteer center, or local organizations for ways to spend your Spring Break volunteering abroad.

6. Catch up, Catch up

Catch up on your homework. Catch up on your sleep. Catch up on your "life chores," like balancing your bank account, updating your resume, and doing your laundry. Think of how great you'll feel when you're not stressed for time and your life is all in order once classes begin again!

7. Visit Home

There's nothing wrong with just wanting to head home to see your folks, do your laundry, and eat some good, home-cooked meals. Besides, when is the last time you woke up to the smell of someone cooking breakfast?

8. Meet Non-College Friends Somewhere

Your best friend from high school went to one coast for college, you went to the other. Arrange to catch up in person and meet somewhere in the middle, preferably in a city neither of you has been to before.

9. Take a Trip by Yourself

You're surrounded by people while at school. Why not hop on a bus, plane, or train and head somewhere alone? Go check out museums on your own time, eat where and what you want to eat, and stay where you want to. It might be the first time in a long time that you haven't had to share a room with anyone.

10. Bring the Vacation to You

Short on funds? Time? Both? Trying to stick to a budget? Treat yourself (and your friends!) to a mini-vacation in your room or apartment. Buy string-up palm tree lights, some leis, and music from any tropical locale. Find something, anything, coconut scented and let it permeate your room. Wear summer clothes, invite people over, and let the vacation begin!

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