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2010 College Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

From the Old Spice Guy to Mad Men Characters, There's Something for Everyone


Being a male college student and trying to find a Halloween costume can be a bit challenging. Luckily, however, 2010 presented us with a wide range of ridiculous, retro, and overall really great options to choose from.

2010 College Halloween Costumes for Men

  1. The guy from the Old Spice commercials. Look at him, look at yourself. Look at him, look at yourself. And then look in your closet to see what you can wear under that towel so you don't scare everyone -- even if it is Halloween.

  2. Jon Stewart. A classic but goody, especially with "Rally to Restore Sanity" scheduled for October 30.

  3. Stephen Colbert. Similar to Jon Stewart, Colbert can be easily imitated with some quick finds from your closet.

  4. Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook -- and subject of the recent "The Social Network" movie -- can be fun to dress up and act like at any Halloween shindig.

  5. Barack Obama. Will being him ever go out of style? You can be Professor Obama (from his days at the University of Chicago) or President Obama. Either way, you'll be the hit of the party -- especially if you come with a Michelle.

  6. Any character from Glee. It would be a challenge not to at least have a little fun dressing up as Will Schuester.

  7. Any character from Mad Men. The retro hair, suits, attitude ... and the perfect excuse to be able to pull it all together.

  8. "The Situation" from Jersey Shore. Yes, he's ridiculous, but he'll also make a kickin' Halloween costume. If you can find time to put something together between gym, tan, laundry, that is.

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