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10 Questions to Ask During Fraternity or Sorority Recruitment
While fraternity or sorority recruitment can be fun, it can also be overwhelming. Find a list of 10 important questions to ask during the recruitment process.

What to Do If You See or Experience College Hazing
If you see or experience hazing in college, you might not be sure what to do. Find a list of steps you can take to help someone else -- or yourself.

20 Ways to Celebrate a College Birthday
Have a college birthday coming up? Find a list of 20 ways to celebrate.

How to Advertise an Event in College
No matter how amazing your event promises to be, it will turn into a dud if no one attends. So just how can you advertise your event in a way that makes sure people come?

25 Off-Campus Places to Volunteer in College
Want to get off-campus to volunteer in college but aren't sure where to go? Find a list of 25 fun and highly rewarding off-campus places to volunteer in college.

Where Should I Volunteer in College?
Not sure where you should volunteer in college? Find a list of questions that can help narrow down what kind of college volunteer experience would be best for you. Not sure where to volunteer in college? Check out this list of things to consider when thinking about any college volunteer project.

10 Sample New Year's Resolutions for College Students
As a college student, setting New Year's resolutions can be particularly important -- and challenging. Find a list of 10 sample New Year's resolutions for college students.

5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in College
Not sure how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in college? Learn 5 fun ways to have a great Cinco de Mayo college celebration.

Learn How to Set Reasonable, Smart Goals for Your New Year
Setting New Year's resolutions can be a great exercise for any college student. Learn how to make smart New Year's resolutions in college.

Good New Year's Resolutions for College Students
Making New Year's Resolutions is an annual tradition for many people. If you're a college student, making New Year's Resolutions can be a great way to set goals for yourself for the upcoming year. Find ideas about what makes good college student New Year's resolutions.

20 Ways to Spend New Year's Eve in College
Not sure how to spend New Year's Eve in college? Get 20 ideas to help make your college New Year's Eve plans fun and exciting.

Homesickness 101
College student homesickness is more common that most students in school want to admit. Get information on why you might have it, how to deal with it -- and why it's perfectly normal.

5 Things to Do to Combat College Student Homesickness
Dealing with homesickness while in college can seem overwhelming. Learn 5 tips that can make a big difference in handling homesickness as a college student.

College Student Holiday Survival Guide
In college, but don't know what gifts to get the people you love? Need smart ways to earn and manage money over the break? Not sure where to go when the campus residence halls close? Have homework to do but need some guidance about how to stay focused? All of these questions -- and many more! -- are addressed in the About.com College Life Holiday Survival Guide.

8 Steps for Strong Time Management for College Students
Time can quickly become your most precious commodity in college. Learning how to manage and use it wisely may be one of the most useful things you can do for yourself.

10 Easy Ways to Meet People in College
Going somewhere, by yourself, where you may or may not know a single person, just might be the bravest thing you've ever done. With so many ways to meet people, though, finding connections is easier than you may think.

What's a Good On-Campus Job?
Getting an on-campus job is a requirement for many college students. How can you make sure you get a good one?

College Road Trip Ideas
Taking a road trip while in college doesn't have to be as boring as road trips were when you were younger. Find great ideas to have fun in a college road trips while seeing the country and having a great time with your friends.

8 Tips for Students Starting College
You've waited a long time to start college. Now that you're officially a college student, how do you make sure that you set yourself up for success during the first few months?

5 Reasons to Join an College Intramural Sports Team
Joining a college intramural sports team may seem intimidating, but the benefits can quickly outweigh your fears. Find 5 reasons why you should sign up.

Fraternities and Sororities
On many college campuses, fraternities and sororities are a key part of life outside of the classroom. How can you decide if they're right for you?

Ways to Improve Your Campus Sustainability
Most colleges have a long way to go toward achieving campus sustainability. Find ways to improve your campus sustainability and resources to help you along the way.

Religious Life in College
Staying connected to your religion may be an important part of your college experience. Being far from home doesn't have to mean being disconnected from your religion.

50 Ways to Stay Entertained Over a College Summer
After the busyness of the college year, many college students aren't sure what to do with their free time over the summer. Find a list of 50 ways to stay entertained during a college summer.

Where to Volunteer for Thanksgiving
Looking to volunteer on Thanksgiving, but not sure what your options are? Find 6 great places where college students can volunteer on Thanksgiving.

College Student Thanksgiving Guide
As a college student, you may be going home or staying on campus for Thanksgiving. No matter what you're situation, learn more about what options college students have for making the most of their Thanksgiving break.

6 Ways to Celebrate the End of the Semester in College
The end of the semester may take forever to come in college. But once it does, you may not know what to do with all of your sudden an unexpected free time. Learn 6 ways to celebrate the end of the semester in college.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for College Students
Need some last-minute gift ideas for someone in college? Find several last-minute gift ideas for the college student on your list -- whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, roommate, friend, or even the kind person who helped you from failing your statistics class -- that are sure to please.

Three-Day Weekends Can Be Like Mini Vacations -- If You Plan Them Right
Not sure what to do on a long weekend? Find 10 things to do on any long weekend, from Labor Day to Presidents' Day, during your time in college.

Essentials for Cinco de Mayo Celebrations
Cinco de Mayo celebrations can be one of the more enjoyable aspects of summer. From recipes to history to how to set the mood, find all the essentials you'll need for Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

What is College Hazing?
Most people know that college hazing is harmful (and often illegal), but not everyone is clear on what counts as hazing in the first place. Find out what constitutes hazing in college.

10 Ways to Celebrate July 4th
Looking for ways to celebrate July 4th? Check out this list of how to celebrate July 4th, specifically catered to college students.

College vs. High School -- 50 Differences Between College and High School
College Vs. High School: Whether you're interested in learning the differences or just need a reminder about all that college has to offer that your high school didn't, check out this list of 50 differences between college and high school.

Making Friends in College
While making friends in college can seem intimidating at first, it's actually a lot easier than many students think -- especially with these 7 tips.

How to Save Money for College Spring Break
Need to save some money toward your college Spring Break trip this year? Find 6 easy ways to save money for Spring Break -- even during your time in school.

25 College Party Themes
While there are a ton of college party themes available, finding the right one for your event can be a challenge. Find a list of 25 college party themes that can work for nearly any celebration.

12 Opportunities for Leadership in College
Want to gain some leadership in college but not sure where to start? Find 11 easy places that offer excellent college leadership opportunities.

Should I Be an Orientation Leader?
Not sure if being an orientation leader in college is the right match for you? Learn the pros and cons.

What Kinds of Restaurants to Go to for Thanksgiving
If having a traditional, home-cooked meal for Thanksgiving is not an option for you in college, where else can you go? Find 5 places where college students who can't go home can still enjoy a delicious dinner -- and holiday.

8 On-Campus Places to Volunteer in College
You don't necessarily have to go off campus to volunteer in college. Find a list of 8 places on campus you can volunteer at during your time in school.

What to Do If You're Bored in College
Being bored in college can happen all of a sudden, meaning you have no plans for how to turn a boring afternoon into one to remember. Find a list of 17 things to do to conquer college boredom.

10 Benefits of Going Greek in College
"Going Greek" in college is a major decision many students make. So just what are the benefits that draw so many college students to fraternities and sororities?

What Is an Office of Student Involvement?
No matter the college, there is likely an office of student involvement (or something similarly named). But just what kinds of services to they provide?

Where to Advertise an Event on Campus
Not sure where to advertise your upcoming campus event? Find a list of creative places for campus advertising that are sure to catch the attention of students -- and others.

What Is a Dean of Students?
You've seen them on campus and seen their office advertised, but what exactly is a dean of students? And how can you best utilize them and their office during your time in school?

How to Get Out of Something in College
With so many interesting things pulling at your time, it can be hard to say "no" in college. Find a list of 13 ways to get out of something during your time in school.

Where to Find College Birthday Gifts on Campus
Need to celebrate the college birthday of a friend, roommate, or partner? Find where on campus you can find great gift ideas and decorations -- especially if you're short on time and cash.

How to Prevent Hazing
Not sure how to prevent hazing -- but interested in doing so? Find 8 simple steps you can take to make hazing a thing of the past.

7 Disadvantages of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority
Trying to decide if you should join a fraternity or sorority? While there are definite benefits, there are also some challenges to be aware of.

How to Pay for the Cost of a Fraternity or Sorority
Interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, but worried about the cost? Find 5 ways to help cover the costs of "going Greek" during your college years.

What Is a FERPA Form?
You may have been asked to sign a FERPA form or waiver, but you may not be clear on what it means if you do so. Find out all you need to know.

University Greek Life
Interested in becoming part of the university greek life on your campus? Find answers and resources for all of you ever wanted to know about greek life in college.

What Is a College Registrar?
Not sure what exactly the registrar is -- or does? Learn here.

What Can I Use the College Career Center for?
Not sure what you can use your college career center for? Find out here.

50 Ways to Make Friends in College
Figuring out how to make friends in college can be challenging and intimidating. Find 50 ways to start meeting people -- and forming friendships -- during your time in school

5 Social Media Rules for College Students
Find 5 simple rules to ensure social media supports your college years instead of haunting you during -- or even after -- your time in school.

How to Start a College Club
Noticing a population of students who all share the same interest? Learn the 8 easy steps for how to start a college club.

10 Signs You're Overcommitted in College
Think you might have too much on your plate this semester? See 10 signs you're overcommitted in college.

How to Celebrate Pi Day in College
Need ideas because March 14 is coming up soon? Find 9 ideas for how to celebrate Pi Day in college.

8 Host or Hostess Gifts for College Students
Invited to someone's house, need a gift, and short on time and money? Find a list of 8 host or hostess gifts for college students (and their budgets).

How to Prepare for a College Emergency
The biggest disaster of your time in school will likely be a failed midterm. Still, it's smart to know how to prepare for a college emergency.

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