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Back on the Homefront

Whether you're 3,000 or 30 miles away, you still have to manage everything back at home. Learn more about managing long-distance relationships; keeping parents, friends, and siblings connected without being too connected; and handling your visits home.

How to Be a Good Houseguest
Sometimes, the realities of college life mean you spend long weekends or holidays at a home that isn't your own. So just what can you do to make sure you're a good houseguest who's invited back?

Negotiating a Curfew with Your Parents
Returning home to your parents' after being away at college can be challenging, to say the least. One major problem: that curfew you had in high school no longer works with your college life. Learn 5 tips for how to negotiate a curfew with your parents now that you're a college student.

Should I Bring My Friend or Roommate Home for Thanksgiving?
Knowing whether or not you should bring a college roommate or college friend home for Thanksgiving can be tricky. You may not want your college friend or roommate to be alone on Thanksgiving, but you may not be sure if your house is the right fit. Learn what to consider before deciding to bring anyone home with you.

Alternative Thanksgiving Plans for College Students
Most college students head home for Thanksgiving. For those who don't or can't, however, there are still some great alternative plans for how to spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

Your First Visit Home
You've been away at school for a while now. You're living your own life, setting your own schedule, and more or less making in on your own. Think your first visit home is going to be just like your pre-college days? Think again.

How to Handle Long-Distance Relationships While in College
Being at school can simultaneously be incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. It's hard to share those highs and lows, though, with a partner who's far away. Get information on how to stay in touch despite your crazy schedules and still feel connected despite the distance.

Best College Student Gifts for Dads
Funds, time, and resources might be tight, but they're no excuse for not getting your dad a great gift.

Best College Student Gifts for Moms
Gifts for moms can be a challenge for college students, who are often short on time, energy, and funds. Find 7 easy and personal gift ideas you can make or do from your campus.

How to Easily Keep In Touch with Your Parents
Keeping in touch with your parents may be the last thing from your mind while you're at school. It's always a good idea, however, to at least touch base so they don't think you've fallen off the face of the earth. Even amidst your busy schedule, it's still possible to connect with your parents while still maintaining your independence.

Relationships with Siblings
Your sibling(s) may be older or younger, near or far, nice or mean, your best friend or someone you fight with all day long. No matter what the specifics, your relationship will change when you start school.

College Summers: 5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Summer
After the stress of the academic year, summers can feel like the ultimate vacation. But how can you smartly spend all that unstructured time?

How to Keep in Touch With Your High School Friends
Keeping in touch with your high school friends during your college years can be challenging. These 5 tips, however, can make things a little easier when it comes to maintaining high school friendships.

How to Tell Your Parents You're Failing a College Class
Failing a college class? The only thing worse than that "F" is having to tell your parents about it. Find suggestions for making the conversation easier.

What to Pack When Coming Home from College
Coming home from college for a break? Find a list of what to pack if you're coming home from college during mid-semester breaks like Thanksgiving or Spring Break.

6 Gifts for Siblings
Finding a gift for your sibling can be one of the more challenging parts of holidays or birthdays. Find a list of 6 great gifts that will work for any college student's sibling(s) -- even yours.

Gift-Giving Guide for College Students
Need a gift for a friend or family member -- but limited by your college student budget? Find ideas for everyone on your list.

8 Holiday Gifts for Men
Need ideas for holiday gifts for men? Find a list of 8 suggestions that are perfect as gifts from college students -- and their limited budgets.

6 Great Gifts for Mothers for the Holidays
Sometimes it seems like everyone else has great gifts for mothers, especially around the holidays. This year, use this list of 6 gift ideas, specifically for college students (and their budgets), to give her a gift she's sure to love.

Should My Parents Come for Family Weekend?
Not sure if having your family out for your college's Family Weekend is a good idea? Find 4 questions to help you decide.

What to Do If You Have a Family Emergency in College
Dealing with an unexpected family emergency in college? Find a quick list of what you can do to make sure your academics don't suffer.

10 Things Not to Keep From Your Parents in College

What to Do If You Miss Your Siblings in College
Your siblings may make you bonkers sometimes, but that doesn't mean you don't love them. So what are your options if your miss your siblings in college?

8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Short on money, time, and energy? Find a list of 8 last-minute gift ideas for Mother's Day, all designed to fit a college student's tight budget.

5 Ways to Get Some Distance from Your Parents
Parent advice can range from helpful to annoying. So how can you get some distance from your parents in college without making them feel pushed away?

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