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What Is Time Management?

Good Time Management Is Difficult - And Attainable - in College


Everyone in college talks about time management. But exactly what is time management? What does it look like on a daily basis? And, since college is supposed to be an educational environment, let's ask the question on everyone's mind: what is a good definition of "time management" anyway?

"Time management" can be defined as a person's ability to keep things balanced in their life. It involves the setting of realistic expectations, a willingness to say "no," and a healthy perspective for the short-term and long-term horizon. Time management requires both discipline and flexibility. In a nutshell, "time management" could be described as a person's willingness and ability to prioritize things that are most important to them.

In college, of course, time management becomes increasingly challenging. There are tons of things all day, every day that are important and interesting. Time management in college, then, becomes a student's ability to prioritize the most important things -- and to let go of other things that may not be as critical.

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