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VOTE Here! 2013 Best Website for Student Deals

2013 About.com College Life Readers' Choice Awards


The 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards are annual awards, chosen by readers, that recognize the best of the best. Here on the College Life site, the awards are meant to recognize those services and resources that make college students' lives better -- or at least a little easier.

The Best Website for Student Deals award is new for 2013. With so many sites out there offering great student deals -- whether they're at a specific store, through a group-purchasing site, or even at a site that specializes in one particular field (like travel) -- it seems like the leaders in the field deserved a little recognition. Unfortunately, however, most students don't have the time to sort the good sites from the bad or to research each site individually online. This new Readers' Choice Award aims to capitalize on students' larger experiences with student discount sites and help identify the top sites out there. After all, what college student doesn't want to save a little bit of money?!

Voting will take place from February 19 through March 19, with winners announced March 27, 2013. To learn more about this program, visit the College Life Readers' Choice Awards main page or the About.com Readers' Choice FAQ page.

There are three finalists in this category. You can click on the nominee below to be taken to their website:

(Please note that all votes and poll results will be verified by About.com. The current results you see posted may not be the final voting results used to decide the award.)

Thank you for your interest in the 2013 About.com College Life Readers' Choice Awards! If you have feedback on the awards, have questions about the nominations, or would like to let Kelci Lucier, Guide to College Life (and facilitator of the College Life awards), know about other resources that didn't make it onto this year's list of finalists, please feel free to send her an email. You can also learn more about the nomination process if you're learning about these awards for the first time or check out which articles are currently the most popular on the College Life site if you're new to the College Life site in general.

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