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How to Handle College Long Distance Relationships - College Life
Whatever the situation, maintaining a long-distance relationship while in school can be quite a challenge. There are, however, some things you can do to make ...
Romantic Gestures for Long-Distance Relationships - College Life
Being in a long-distance relationship in college can be quite a challenge. Find 5 ways to let your girlfriend or boyfriend know you're thinking of them -- despite ...
Why Long-Distance Relationships Are Hard - College Life - About.com
It's no secret: long-distance relationships, especially in college, are incredibly difficult. After all, just being in college is hard enough, so adding a long-distance  ...
Long Distance Relationships - Dating - About.com
Contemplating a long distance relationship, or are you in one currently? Find support and advice for this challenging dating issue here.
Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships - Dating - About.com
Just because you're in a long distance relationship (or LDR) doesn't mean the two of you can't have a date together. What it means is that you have to be a tad ...
Making Your Long Distance Relationship Last - Gay Life - About.com
Met someone from a different country or city? Here are tips on how to start a long distance relationship and make it last.
Long Distance Relationship Quotes - Quotes Quotations - About.com
Long distance relationships are not easy. However, if you are committed to your relationship, you can make your long distance relationship work. Read this ...
Tips To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Alive - Dating - About.com
Share your long distance relationship tips with other readers, and take a peek at suggestions from others who have been here, too.
Long-Distance and Online Relationship Tips for Teens - Gay Teens
"Yes, you can have a long distance relationship but it requires a lot of effort, understanding, and love. There is also a good chance that these relationships won't ...
Will My Long Distance Relationship Last Quiz - Dating - About.com
Wondering if your long distance relationship will go the distance? Then take this quick love quiz to find out.
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