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Handling College Problems - College Life - About.com
From failing a class to having a bad professor, the list of academic problems college students can encounter sometimes seems endless. Learn what to do.
How to Reduce Stress While in College - College Life - About.com
Stress is inevitable for anyone attending college. ... You may be handling your own problems and trying to help others around you. ... how exciting your co- curricular life can be, you won't be able to enjoy any of it if you don't pass your classes...
Should I Drop a Class? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions - College Life
It can be tempting to drop one class (or more) during your time in college. Your workload might be too high; you might have a dreadful professor; you might be ...
What to Do if You Fail a Class in College - College Life - About.com
Even the best of students can fail a class in college. It may not be what you wanted, but it happened -- and figuring out what to do next is just as important as  ...
Withdrawing From a Class - Should I Withdraw? - College Life
While the logistics of withdrawing from a class might be easy, the decision to do so .... What to Do If You Have a Bad College Professor · Handling College ...
What Is an Incomplete? - College Life - About.com
Not sure what an "incomplete" is in college -- or if it's the right thing for you? ... When to Take a College Course Pass/Fail · Handling College Problems · How to  ...
How to Withdraw from a Class - College Life - About.com
While you know how to register for classes, knowing how to withdraw from a class can be a little more challenging. After all, your school probably didn't go over ...
What to Do if You're Failing a Class in College
Failing a class in college can be a major problem if it's not handled in the right way. A failed class can have an impact on your academic record, your progress ...
How to Reduce Academic Stress - College Life - About.com
After all, if you don't do well in your classes, the rest of your college experience ... stress, ask students who have already taken the class how they handled it.
College Stress Survival Guide - College Life - About.com
Handling college stress is one of the bigger challenges students face during their time in school. From classes and bad professors to relationships and time ...
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