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10 Tips for Getting Along With Your College Roommate - College Life
You may have grown up living with lots of siblings, or this may be your first time sharing your living space with someone else. While having a roommate ...
What to Do If You Hate Your Roommate - College Life - About.com
Frustrated with your roommate? Think he or she might be frustrated with you? Roommate conflicts are, unfortunately, part of many people's college experiences  ...
Should I Have a College Roommate? - College Life - About.com
Or you may be a student who has had a roommate for several years and now is interested in living on your own. So how can you decide if having a college ...
Handling Conflicts With Your College Roommate - Internships
Best Ways to Reduce Conflicts With Your College Roommate. By Penny ... Living closely with other individuals can has its benefits and its setbacks. Ads. &ensp.
7 Ways to Deal with College Roommates That Bully - Bullying
Mar 26, 2014 ... For instance, if the college plans to speak to your roommate while you are still living together, this could be dangerous for you, especially if the ...
12 Rules of Roommate Etiquette - About.com
Anyone who shares living space and expenses with another person needs to ... Whether you're a college student or a young adult who needs a roommate for ...
What If I Don't Like My College Roommate? - College Life - About.com
Living with a college roommate can be one of the great unknowns for students starting school. So what exactly are your options if you don't like your college ...
Cats as College Roommates - About.com
Should you have a cat for a college roommate? ... with your cat, and where he or she will fit into the "grand scheme" of your life at college and afterward.
5 Basic Rules for Having Roommate Guests - College Life - About.com
It's a rare college roommate situation where neither person brings over a guest at any time during the entire academic year. More likely, one or both roommates ...
What I Need to Know About My College Roommate? - Internships
It seems like you've been planning to go to college all of your life but now that the time is here your concerns may have turned from your what your college ...
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