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Articles related to living with a college roommate

10 Tips for a Good Roommate Relationship - College Life - About.com
Living with someone else inevitably has its challenges Find 10 tips for getting along with your college roommate.
What to Do If You Hate Your College Roommate - College Life
Frustrated with your roommate? Think he or she might be frustrated with you? Roommate conflicts are, unfortunately, part of many people's college experiences  ...
What If I Don't Like My College Roommate? - College Life - About.com
Living with a college roommate can be one of the great unknowns for students starting school. So what exactly are your options if you don't like your college ...
Should I Have a College Roommate? - College Life - About.com
Or you may be a student who has had a roommate for several years and now is interested in living on your own. So how can you decide if having a college ...
How to Handle Getting Sexiled by a College Roommate - College Life
Having a roommate with a boyfriend or girlfriend can get complicated in college. Being kicked out of your room, or.
Should I Keep My College Roommate? - College Life - About.com
If you're like most students, you made it through your first (or second or third or ...) year of college with the same roommate you started with. Things seemed to go ...
How to Set Up a College Roommate Agreement - College Life
When you first move in with your college roommate (either in an apartment or in the residence halls), you may want -- or have -- to set up a roommate agreement  ...
Making First Contact with Your Roommate - College Life - About.com
You've been waiting for your roommate's name and contact information for what feels like forever. But now that you got it, you're not sure where to begin.
How to Find a College Roommate - College Life - About.com
Being paired up with a roommate for college can often be one of the more stressful aspects of starting school. After all, you're going to be living with a total ...
What to Do If Your College Roommate Uses Your Stuff - College Life
In college, roommates have a lot to deal with: in addition to the stress of being in school, you're squished into a space that would be incredibly tiny for one ...
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