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What to Do If You Have a Family Emergency in College - College Life
Unexpected family illnesses, financial situations, deaths, and other events can happen during your time in college. Unfortunately, your academics might end up  ...
What Is a First-Generation College Student? - College Life - About.com
This usually applies, however, not to the first child in an immediate family to go to college (e.g., the oldest child out of five siblings in the same household), but ...
15 Things You Miss the Most While in College
When you thought about going to college, chances are you didn't think about all the ... Strangely, you may miss your pet more than some members of your family ...
5 Family Vacations With College Kids and 20-somethings
5 Great Family Vacations with College Kids and 20somethings. From Montreal to Granada, wonderful, adventure packed-destinations for families. By Jackie ...
Legacy Students - College Admissions - About.com
Besides, if your are not eligible for a legacy preference, say if no one in your family went to college before, or if your parents did not go to the college of your ...
College Tour Tips - get the most from your college tour family trip
Many families undertake this rite of passage, touring a set of campuses with a college-bound teen, and in fact the "college tour" can become the family vacation  ...
What are Legacy Admissions? - College Admissions - About.com
Legacy admissions are the practice of giving preferential treatment to a college applicant because someone in his or her family attended the college. If you're ...
Legacy Status - Definition of Legacy Status in College Admissions
A college applicant is said to have legacy status at a college if a member of the applicant's immediate family attends or attended the college. At many colleges ...
4 Ways to Balance Family and School - Distance Learning - About.com
Balancing school and family life can be a challenge, even for online learners. ... How to Choose an Online College and Succeed in Your Virtual Studies · How to  ...
The Top Ten College Planning Mistakes Made By Parents
College Planning Mistake #10: Raising Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) . With as little media coverage as college planning receives relative to other ...
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