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14 Gift Ideas for College Graduation - College Life - About.com
Need a gift for a student who is about to graduate from college? Check out this list of 14 classic college graduation gifts for any budget.
College Graduation Announcement Guide - College Life - About.com
Not sure if you should send college graduation announcements out? To whom you should send them? Where to get them? Or even what they should say?
The Ultimate College Graduation Checklist - College Life - About.com
Graduating from college? Feeling overwhelmed? Use this college graduation checklist to make sure you get everything done amidst the chaos.
Job Options for College Graduates - Job Searching - About.com
There's no doubt that this is a difficult job market for college seniors and recent graduates. The unemployment rate is higher for young people than for any other  ...
Sample Resumes for College Students and Graduates
Sample resumes and resume templates for college students and graduates applying for internships, summer jobs, and full-time positions. Also resume writing ...
Great College Graduation Gift Ideas - Young Adults - About.com
College Graduation Gifts: Wondering what to get the new graduate in your life? Here's a round up of great graduation gifts for the new college grad.
Tips for College Grads Who Don't Have a Job - Job Searching
Advice for college graduates who don't have a job by graduation, including how to get help from your college, networking tips and job search strategies.
Surviving Between College Graduation and Your First Job
Many people find the time between graduating from college and finding your first job difficult. This guide will help you survive it.
Top 10 College Student / Graduate Job Search Mistakes
It's hard enough for college or high school students to find that plum internship or post-graduate job in this economy when they do everything right. If students ...
Top 15 Things To Do After College Instead of Getting a Real Job
More and more college students are starting to take advantage of the few years of freedom post-graduation, choosing to pursue other paths instead of jumping ...
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